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mXCover : marine insurance software

A comprehensive web-based custom platform for marine insurance brokers

Our Expertise

of skills

Web and Mobile

We strive to make web and mobile apps that are beautiful, functional, and intuitive.

Backend Development

It is the submerged part of the iceberg, application and database server processings, web services and APIs...

Business Intelligence

Decision-makers can focus on the decisions to be made instead of seeking the information needed for decision-making.

Machine Learning

We work on algorithms that learn to make associations and classifications organically by training on a vast pool of data.

Digital Marketing

Let Digital Marketing enhance your performance. We can provide the experts who make it possible.

Staff Augmentation

Whether you're on a crunched timeline or just need outside experts, we can amplify your team to get the project done right.


The smartest person in the room isn’t an individual, it’s the room itself, blending everyone’s perspectives, experiences, and knowledge to make the most of it.



Years in business

Our deep understanding of the insurance business improves communication, which translates into more effective and productive solutions.

Our Partners

Our satisfied customers
say about us

  • Manitoo has been our partner for more than 15 years,
    their expertise in insurance brokerage is a real added value,
    contributing to the continuous improvement of our web-based ERP.
    Christophe Mocquet
    Groupe Eyssautier - CTO
  • It is a valuable advantage in our business to have a system that gives a real-time insight of all our activities : Cargo, Hull, P&I, Marine Liability, Yachting... Which is not an easy task ! Not to mention a more than 20 years collaboration, during which Manitoo showed unfailing availability, flexibility and loyalty.
    Philippe Tivolle
    Insurance Broker
  • Our policyholders save valuable time on insurance orders processing, they have access to automatic rates calculation and can issue insurance certificates instantly. The user-friendly and secure interface allows them to view their invoices, statistics and claims tracking at any time. So, we focus, on both sides, on our core businesses rather than on paperwork !
    Edith Elleon
    Insurance Broker
  • I could not imagine handling multiple currencies, multiple locations and the complexity of a marine insurance broker business with a standard accounting software! It had to be integrated and Manitoo took up the challenge successfully. Not to mention real-time management of our own cash-flow, interfacing with financial institutions and much more...
    Dominique Tibaldi


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